Top 3 Tips before your trip to the Beautiful Iceland

Sen and I visited Iceland during it's winter season for 9 days and I wanted to share some tips with you before you go:

Airline - 

After flight fare searching from Google Flights, I found a great deal on WOW Air. The flights were about $400 each person, round-trip from LA to Reykjavik, including all the luggage (we had one checked bag and two carry on) and seat assignments. That's still almost 50% off from all the other airlines!

I do have to mention though, you will have to pay for carry-on luggage, check bags, seat assignments (which were all included in the cost I mentioned above), as well as in flight food and any entertainment on top of the airfare. Yes! That means no movies, so make sure you bring something to watch or read. Other than that, I'd say go for WOW Air and save your traveling budget for the rest of your trip. 



The flight between Los Angeles International Airport and Keflavik International Airport is about 9 hours and there is another 40 minutes’ drive to ReykjavikIceland's capital and largest city. We landed at around 4:30AM on February 14, picked up the rental car from Thrifty Car Rental, and drove to the hotel. I would highly recommend for you to rent a GPS from the car rental company, as it helped us tremendously. The car rental cost was about $100 a day including the GPS, additional driver and an additional drop off location fee. Parking in Reykjavik varies at $2-$4 for the first hour, then $0.50 to $1.50 for the additional hours. We rented a car for the first three days of our trip to "hunt" for the Northern lights, if that is not part of your plan, then I would suggest skipping the rental car and take a taxi instead. Taxi rides between our hotel and the City Center of Reykjavik was just about $20 each way. All the other attractions in Reykjavik are all within walking distance. 

Driving in Iceland Winter.jpg


We stayed at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, and booked completely using points that we earned from Chase Sapphire Reserve. One downside though, is that Chase books the hotel through Expedia, not through their own negotiated account. This prompted the hotel to not recognize my gold status, hence no complimentary breakfast, one of the reason why I booked the property. Now, most of you know that hotels won't let you check in at 6AM in the morning if you booked for the same day, since most check in times are at either 3PM or 4PM. So, I booked the hotel for the night before on February 13th and E-mailed the hotel (very important for them to keep your room, since their day "turns over" around 2AM and you will be considered a "no-show" and risk losing your reservation) and informed them that I will be checking in early morning on the 14th. 

Post on tips after arriving in Reykjavik coming soon! Feel free to comment below and let me know of any questions you have about our booking process!