Death Valley

We have been wanting to go to Death Valley for a while now, but never made a plan until very recently. We were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and decided to head to Death Valley before our way back to Los Angeles. It takes only an extra 2 hours from Las Vegas, the drive back to Los Angeles from the National Park is also about 4 hours. 

I recommend to go on Death Valley's official website before heading over. The website is very useful when it comes to directions, weather, and how to get around the park. We went during a heat wave so hiking was definitely not an option. I found this link on their website that lists out the areas in the park that are "accessible by car or a short stroll." Although we started the day a little late, and was not able to visit all the places that is listed on this link, we were still able to visit most of the places I wanted to see. Here are some of our photos! 

**TIP: Bring lots of water with you! We brought about 5 large bottles of water, and we finished them within just a few hours being at the Park! 

Dante's View was our first stop, I don't know who this Dante is, but I definitively like the view, hahaha. 

Our next stop was the Zabriskie Point, the view was really amazing, we saw a little kid (with his parents watching) went down the point platform, it looked really cool.  

Our last stop was a must for me, the Badwater Basin. A Salt Flat that is 282 feet (86 meters) below sea level, making it the lowest point in North America. 

We stayed until the sunset, it was truly beautiful.