What would you do if time didn't matter?

Or what if everyone has a 100 years to live? What if nothing is going to kill you before that number is up. 

Instead of worrying about the amount of money we have, I think we should worry more about the number of years we have left in this world. That number is decreasing constantly, but we don't worry about it as much until our lives are just about to expire. When something goes wrong, we then try to change our bad habits; better eating, stop smoking, start exercising, etc. By that time we know it might be too late, yet we despreatly try hard to undo the damage we committed our entire life doing. 

If everyone suddenly only had exactly 100 years to live. Would our current behaviors change? Or would we be living the same ignorant lifestyle. 

Don't "live like today is your last day on earth" like the advice you always see floating around. Because that is unrealistic. I say, live like you have a finite number of years to live, pick your own number so there is an endpoint. Do what you think will make your remaining years worth while. What would you do differently?