Our Honeymoon

After arriving back at the airport, the staff from Somerset Inn met and introduced us the staff from the W. We then moved on to the baggage area to get our bags weighted. We had to pay a fee because of over weight (3 weeks worth of clothing and my wedding dress, haha) so pay close attention to those seaplane luggage weight limits! (info here).

We then were taken to the waiting area for our seaplane to arrive.  

Then we are off! Onto the Seaplane we go. It was our first time in the Seaplane, I'd have to admit, I was a little scared, it was hot, and very small. However, the VIEW was AMAZING!

Over-water bungalow, glass bottom floor, our very own pool, and direct access to the ocean was everything I wanted in our room, and then some.

Overwater Bungalow W Maldives outside.jpg

Did we mention the beach?

and the sunset?

Food outlets and the walk back to our room at night was also AMAZING!