New York Photography Tour & Lesson

Manhattan night view.jpg

I have partnered with IfOnly during my New York City trip over the Labor Day weekend and took the New York City Photographic Journey with Ben Asen

The booking process was really easy, just needed to decide on the experience I wanted and choose a date and time I am available. The booking then goes to the Luminary for confirmation. This is when Ben messages me to confirm his availability and have a conversation about the location and our meeting point. I really liked this process, feels less like just any transaction. I got to know Ben a little more before we met. 

We met on Sunday night at 6PM, this allows me to take some photos during day light, sunset, and city lights at night. Here are some of the photos I shot:

Brooklyn Bridge.jpg
Manhattan Bridge.jpg

Ben showed me how to play with lighting and exposure on the camera when the lighting started to get dark. Building with sunset reflecting on it will always look better than during day time. 

Manhattan Bridge 2.jpg
Brooklyn Bridge with railroad.jpg
Brooklyn Bridge with boat.jpg

I really like this sailboat photo under the Brooklyn Bridge! 

Manhattan Bridge at night.jpg

This was my very first photography lesson and tour and loved the experience. Photography is way for the photographer to showcase their way of looking at the world through the camera lens, and seeing what others see will help broaden your point of view. Ben mentioned the same thing by saying if there were 100 photography students photographing the same thing, they will produce 100 different photos. The photos I took from this experience are really different from what I normally take, and this definitely changed my way of looking at things. I am considering taking photography tours in the different cities I will visit.